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Notepad++ Portable Free Download for Windows 10 {Latest!}

Notepad++ Portable Free Download for Windows 10 {Latest!}

notepad++ portable free download for windows 10 is a free Source code Editor it is a replacement of notepad to support many languages.  It is in C++, and it uses Win32 API and STL that makes sure highest execution speed and programming in smaller sizes.

Following are the features of Notepad++:

1.    Notepad++ Portable does user defined syntax highlighting and syntax folding
2.    Graphical User Interface (GUI) is entirely customizable.
3.    For searching / replacing, Notepad++ works with PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression).
4.    It is in Multi-View
5.    Plus it zooms in and Zooms out.
6.    It is with multilingual support
7.    Bookmark.
8.    It is entirely capable of Macro recording and playback.
9.    Notepad++ Portable easiest document map helps the user in navigation.
10.    For multitasking Notepad++, is with Tab interface

Software Information:-
Title:                Notepad++ 6.7.1
File name:         npp.6.7.1.Installer.exe
File size:          7.59 MB
Requirements: Windows XP /  Windows 7 /  Windows 8 both 64 bit and 32 bit
Languages:      Multiple languages
License:           Open Source
Date:                December 22, 2014
Author:            Notepad++
Homepage:      notepad-plus.sourceforge.net

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